Welcome to Ava Diamonds

As direct manufacturers with over 70 years of experience serving the American Diamond Industry as well as other countries as manufacturers and wholesalers, we are proud to partner up with Jewelers, Retailers, and Wholesalers. Our Headquarters are right in the heart of Charlotte, NC with offices and cutting facilities located in Israel.

Everything from our innovative product lines and specialized makes, to our online diamond inventory is at your disposal, made with you, our clients and partners are in need of, and what lesser experienced craftsmen simply can’t compete with.

From the popular diamond cuts that we all know and love to the most unique and specialized cuts that are hard to come by in large amounts and high cut quality Loose Diamonds with GIA certifications. As a result, our online diamond inventory provides numerous benefits to our partners, thanks to our direct manufacturing and wholesale access, and our own reliable team of cutters and manufacturing facilities. Including but not exclusive to, more competitive pricings fitting of genuine wholesalers, as well as convenient and non-stressful memo terms.

Some of our best sellers include our Side Stone Matching Diamond Pairs and Diamond Layouts product lines, made to ease the process for Jewellers and Wholesalers alike to find side stones according to the specifications of their clients. Our goal is to deliver diamonds of unparalleled quality and precision at reasonable prices regardless of the rarity of the cut, or unique specifications. We pride ourselves on our customer care, personable approach, and free tools and consultation we offer our partners to ensure their success.

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